Become a French Lady’s servant


  • Durée 17 minutes
  • Qualité HD 1920 x 1080
  • POV

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My first video in English ! You will love my French accent… This wonderful POV video is your first interview at my service… Start to serve a French Lady !

I am Lady Jeanne, very well known in France to train male as the best servants. My previous servant was fired yesterday, you’re lucky there’s a gap to fill. I’ve read your resumé, you seem to have quite skills and good experience. You should know i am very hard to please. I never tolerate the slightest mistake. You will do your very best to please me, and that won’t be enough. I don’t want the best, i want the excellence. Serve a French Lady like me is the chance of your life. Don’t ruin it.

Listen carefully to all the rules, if you disappoint me, i’ll punish you. Punishments i use can break any male, don’t you dare to take that risk… Now it’s all settled, i’m going to test your foot massage skills. Do your best to impress me ! If i am, you’re hired, but still on test…