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Teamviewer Session

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Once the teamviewer session is paid tell Me your limits, a short presentation, the theme you wish, a potential roleplay scenario, your availabilities and your teamviewer ID and skype contact.


Very experienced Dominatrix, with a limitless imagination, an accurate psychologic Superior Woman, I See your weaknesses very quickly and I will exploit them. I am careful, I can respect your request but also by mutual consent I could dive you into My World. I never plan anything, no scheme it would be a cruel lack of inspiration. Domination is so natural for Me. I will overmaster your own mind with My desires. That’s the point : My desires. Obviously I respect your limits. I know perfectly that My powerfully persuasive words will force you to push them further and further.

Beginners and experienced servants are both welcomed. I like to write in english. You will be charmed by My delicious mind. My Reputation speaks for Me. I have the ability to give a Unique and Unforgettable touch to each session. As soon as it’s finished you will immediately want to book the next one with Me.

By ordering this session you admit that you are the only one responsible for all risks and consequences on legal, financial, and moral aspects of My investigation or My blackmail. I decline all responsibility if your hardware or software is damaged during the session I decline all responsibility for all potential data loss.

My practices

Gynarchy – adoration – sissy training – slave training – chastity – dog training – foot worship – fetichism – humiliation from soft to hard – verbal abuse – deshumanization – degradation – mindfuck and brainwash – hypnosis – mesmerize – mind control – regular monitoring – coaching – blackmail – SPH – humiliating JOI  – CEI – ABDL – anal work – physical tortures –  psychologic domination – ignore cam – gay and bi forced – lesbian worship – findom – roleplay – raceplay –  humiliating girlfriend experience  – crushing – and  still so much more practices

* My favorites are in bold.

My terms for sessions

Nothing is booked without payment.

Once the session is paid tell Me your limits, a short presentation, the theme you wish, a potential roleplay scenario, your availabilities and any required contact. If you wish Me to wear specific clothing or shoes, it’s possible if I have it and if you pay for it.

The session will correspond to the paid time. If you want more, you should pay another session.

I refuse all practices that don’t match with My precepts, or illegal ones. I refuse nudity. And I very rarely accept sessions wearing only lingerie. I will never roleplay as a submissive woman, watersports, or scat practices.

You must always adress Me as « Vous » or by My Title « Goddess Jeanne » and be respectful.

All unjustified absence at least 2 hours before the start of the session will not be reported or refunded. Report is possible only one time if your absence is justified in the delay according to My conditions and rules and for a good reason. I have no obligation at all to accept a report. I am The only judge. The report is made according to My own availabilities.

If you are disconnected during the session it will lead to an early and definitive end. No report, no refund. I am not responsible for your technical issues. In a such case you lose everything.

I can early end a session if you don’t respect My rules and conditions. An aborted session gives nothing. No report, no refund, no credit time to use for another session. You lose everything.


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