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Placing an order supposes that you’ve read my Terms and conditions, you expressly declare hereby having accepted them without restrictions.

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Book now your Teamviewer Session with The French Mistress Jeanne ! All your secret will be revealed to Her...

In this Teamviewer Session, I will check all your computer. All your darkest secrets will be revealed to Me. I am a very experienced Dominatrix, with a limitless imagination. I See your weaknesses very quickly and I will exploit them. I am careful, I can respect your request but also by mutual consent I could dive you into My World.

I never plan anything, no scheme it would be a cruel lack of inspiration. Domination is so natural for Me. I will overmaster your own mind with My desires. That's the point : My desires. Obviously I respect your limits. I know perfectly that My powerfully persuasive words will force you to push them further and further.

Book now your Teamviewer Session !

Beginners and experienced servants are both welcomed.

I like to write and speak in english. You will be charmed by My delicious French accent. My Reputation speaks for Me. I have the ability to give a Unique and Unforgettable touch to each session. As soon as it’s finished you will immediately want to book the next one with Me.

Rules for Teamviewer Session

By ordering this session you admit that you are the only one responsible for all risks and consequences on legal, financial, and moral aspects of My investigation or My blackmail. I decline all responsibility if your hardware or software is damaged during the session I decline all responsibility for all potential data loss.

Terms and Conditions

Preamble :

Any gesture made in a commercial capacity on the present conditions, or any arrangement thereof, is made at my sole discretion. This gesture is decided by myself, unilaterally and exclusively. Such a gesture is in no way obligatory or systematic.

Conditions for Teamviewer sessions :

  • No slots are reserved without prior payment.
  • In the note accompanying your order, indicate :
    • your availability
    • your limits
    • your Skype name
    • the desired theme(s), a possible roleplay scenario
  • Once your payment has been made, the appointment is made according to our availability, by e-mail or directly on Skype.
  • Simultaneous audio to the Teamviewer session is possible, only via Skype, the duration of which is at my sole discretion.
  • By ordering this Teamviewer session, you acknowledge that you alone bear the risks and the legal, financial and moral consequences of my investigation or blackmail. I decline all responsibility in case of technical problems or damage to your computer equipment.
  • Before the day of the appointment, make sure you have correctly set up the necessary logistics: Skype visible and my invitation accepted, computer working. A hardware or internet connection failure on your side will be deducted from your time reserved for the session. It does not entitle you to any refund or postponement.
  • On the day of the appointment, make sure you are ready for the agreed time, and give me your Teamviewer accesses at the beginning of the session.
  • Any unjustified absence at least 2 hours before the appointment will not give rise to any refund or postponement. If you respect this deadline, the postponement can only be made once, depending on my availability.
  • The session lasts the time that has been set. If you wish to extend it, set a new session.
  • I respect your anonymity, no recording of your session will be made. You are also forbidden to record the session, to broadcast it, or to let a third party access it.
  • You are strictly forbidden to use this tool to try to access my personal data or my own computer. Any attempt to do so will result in criminal prosecution for attempted intrusion into a computer system.
  • I refuse any practice that does not correspond to my precepts or that is contrary to the laws in force.
  • You must show me respect and respect.
  • If you end the session prematurely, I consider it to be definitively over.
  • I reserve the right to end the session prematurely if you do not respect my conditions.
  • Any premature end of a session does not entitle you to any refund or time credit.

Intellectual property :

All my works (Photos, audio, videos, or any personalized sessions, and also the internet showcase for all its content) are subject to the French intellectual property code (CPI). They are entirely my own creation and are not free of rights. They must be consulted by an adult public (over 18 years old, or over 21 years old depending on your country of residence) with their consent and informed. You are prohibited from making them available to the public, whether for a fee or free of charge, from broadcasting them in public, from distributing them on the Internet or in any other context, from modifying them in whole or in part, from renting them, from subletting them, from reselling them in digital format or on any physical medium, or from diverting their purpose, or to take them out of context for caricature purposes, or to harm my image, dignity, professional or personal e-reputation Any use of my works outside the private circle must be the subject of a written request and each request must receive my express consent. Any violation of this rule constitutes an offence of counterfeiting and a violation of my copyright and exposes the offenders to the penalties provided for in the intellectual property code. (Article L. 335-2 CPI: 3 years imprisonment, 300,000 euros fine and, where appropriate, confiscation of the proceeds from the offence or counterfeit objects).


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