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Placing an order supposes that you’ve read my Terms and conditions, you expressly declare hereby having accepted them without restrictions.

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Get your own custom photos set with The French Mistress Jeanne !

I am wonderfully photogenic. I will be pleased to create any custom photo set about fetish themes. You will be subjugated by My beauty, My Divine visage, My eyes will pierce your soul. I already know that you will use My custom photos set as your wallpaper in your computer in order to admire them each day, the most devoted will print and place them on the altar they built for My own Glory.

I appreciate all fetish-related theme where I could highlight My divine feet, My nylon, My heels, My long and vibrant red-hair or My corsets. I accept to shoot in women’s lingerie.

My rules for custom photos sets

Before buying a custom Artwork, be sure to know and respect My conditions even before submitting your request. In order to save My precious time. I decide alone to accept or not your request. If it does not match with My Precepts, or if I just don’t like it, it will be automatically rejected. Otherwise, you will be allowed to proceed to payment for the corresponding request.

If you prefer a video, you can book your custom video clip now !

Terms and Conditions

Preamble :

Any gesture made in a commercial capacity on the present conditions, or any arrangement thereof, is made at my sole discretion. This gesture is decided by myself, unilaterally and exclusively. Such a gesture is in no way obligatory or systematic.

Conditions for customised photos :

  • No personalised work will be produced without prior payment.
  • Before placing an order, please make sure you submit a request in accordance with my terms and conditions, by e-mail. Describe your request precisely and coherently, the desired theme(s), your particular wishes…
  • If I accept your request, I will let you know the exact price, the time frame, and my instructions for paying for your order.
  • Once your payment has been made, your personalised photos will be delivered to you via WeTransfer within the agreed timeframe (unless something unforeseen occurs at my discretion).
  • Make sure you provide me with a valid email to receive your photos. Laposte e-mail addresses do not receive WeTransfer.
  • I refuse any practice that does not correspond to my precepts or that is contrary to the laws in force.
  • I refuse to take my clothes off.
  • I will never play the role of a submissive, this is against my precepts.
  • I don’t do scato or uro.
  • Submitting your script to me does not guarantee that I will accept it as is. I reserve the right to accept or reject your request.
  • My prices are likely to be revised according to your request, your personalisation (mentioning events that are personal to you, your first name), your scenario and its complexity, its realisation or even the outfits and accessories required.
  • Any modification of your request will not be accepted once your script has been validated and your payment has been received. Any modification must be submitted to me and approved by me before proceeding with your payment.
  • Any change of outfit must be ordered separately, unless an exception is made at my sole discretion.
  • My personalised works are entirely my own creation and are not free of rights. They must be consulted by an adult, consenting and informed public. You are forbidden to use, distribute or modify them.
  • I reserve the right to resell a personalised work if none of your personal information is included.
  • Any element transmitted in this frame, video, photos, data, is strictly personal to you. I formally forbid you to transmit to me any content relating to a third party.

Intellectual property :

All my works (Photos, audio, videos, or any personalized sessions, and also the internet showcase for all its content) are subject to the French intellectual property code (CPI). They are entirely my own creation and are not free of rights. They must be consulted by an adult public (over 18 years old, or over 21 years old depending on your country of residence) with their consent and informed. You are prohibited from making them available to the public, whether for a fee or free of charge, from broadcasting them in public, from distributing them on the Internet or in any other context, from modifying them in whole or in part, from renting them, from subletting them, from reselling them in digital format or on any physical medium, or from diverting their purpose, or to take them out of context for caricature purposes, or to harm my image, dignity, professional or personal e-reputation Any use of my works outside the private circle must be the subject of a written request and each request must receive my express consent. Any violation of this rule constitutes an offence of counterfeiting and a violation of my copyright and exposes the offenders to the penalties provided for in the intellectual property code. (Article L. 335-2 CPI: 3 years imprisonment, 300,000 euros fine and, where appropriate, confiscation of the proceeds from the offence or counterfeit objects).


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