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Custom Vidéo Clip


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4k SONY cam-recorder

NIKON Reflex, RODE pro microphone

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Submit your request first before ordering it and before proceed to payment for it.

If you don’t do it this way, and if you don’t have My prior written consent your payment will be always considered as a tribute without anything in return except your own satisfaction to allow Me to earn more money.


Get now your custom clip with The French Mistress Jeanne !

My charisma and My aura will completely subjugate you. With My professional-quality material You will dive into My Universe and you will have the privilege to enjoy a complete immersive experience. I have this ability to bring you into an explosion of incredible sensations.

I enjoy a large panel of themes. And more specifically sissy training, all forms of cerebral and mind domination, mindfuck, conditioning, humiliation, findom and of course Gynarchy. I can create your custom clip in english or in french subtitled in english.

Pay now for your custom clip !

I can be very cruel in my words, I can force you to endure the worst insults, but I refuse to move like in all that porn stuff you are used to watch. Jerk-off instructions is boring for Me. Except if it’s a way of humiliating you. Otherwise I have not interest for your pitiful sex between your legs.

Before buying a custom Artwork, be sure to know and respect My conditions even before submitting your request. In order to save My precious time. I decide alone to accept or not your request. If it does not match with My Precepts, or if I just don’t like it, it will be automatically rejected. Otherwise, you will be allowed to proceed to payment for the corresponding request.

My practices

Gynarchy – adoration – sissy training – slave training – chastity – dog training – foot worship – fetichism – humiliation from soft to hard – verbal abuse – deshumanization – degradation – mindfuck and brainwash – hypnosis – mesmerize – mind control – regular monitoring – coaching – blackmail – SPH – humiliating JOI  – CEI – ABDL – anal work – physical tortures –  psychologic domination – ignore cam – gay and bi forced – lesbian worship – findom – roleplay – raceplay –  humiliating girlfriend experience  – crushing – and  still so much more practices

* My favorites are in bold.

1 • My conditions

I refuse nudity. I will never roleplay as a submissive woman, watersports (except under very specific conditions, the terms must be defined and accepted first), or scat practices (but I can talk about scat). And all illegal themes.

I like and need coherence in scenario and your request. I need to identify Myself as best as possible in order to create a quality for custom content.

Every accurate custom request (mention your name or personal events), exclusive content, wish for specific accessories or specific wear will be subjected to a possible increasing of the price of your Artwork.

Nothing is booked without payment first.

Any change in My outfit must be done in a separate order, except some conditions.

My custom Art is My own creation. I am the only owner of the rights, they are protected by law, and copyright My Art or content, must be enjoyed by adults only, and only with consent. I can always decide to broadcast them for selling online if there is no personal related content inside the custom content.

2 • Submit your scenario

No need to send me a detailed scenario. A simple guideline is enough : let Me know your request, expected themes, your special wishes… My imagination will create the path.

3 • Wait for My approval

If I accept your request, I will provide you price and time to expect.

4 • Proceed to payment

Once you’ve paid your custom request, the custom content will be sent by WeTransfer within the defined time limit except if an unexpected event occurs. In a such case I will send it as quick as possible.

You will crave for a unique experience…


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