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Goddess Jeanne, the French Dominatrix

Forget all that you’ve seen until now ! Forget all your ideas about Domination. Here’s My Own Vision about Domination. What you will discover here is unique. Don’t even try to compare. I am The only one. I am The Goddess.

Eternal, timeless, ethereal, I am The French Goddess who will dives deep into your mind forever.

The creative French Goddess

You’re in front of the door of My QueenDom. A Temple for fetichism and Domination. You can be a shy fetichist or crave for extrem humiliations…

You will become my toy. My desires, My wishes. My creativity and My imagination will help you to live daily. 

I am a very experienced parisian Dominatrix

I can very easily submit you to My control. I am a true lesbian, your pitiful dick is nothing for Me except for humiliating you. I don’t play a character for your fantasies. Domination is inside Me. My Art, My Lifestyle. It’s my natural temper.

I am naturally Superior

Becoming my servant is obvious for you. Don’t try to compare Me with others. I am not one of those superficial dominant women amazed by your money. Your experience with Me will be completely different for everything else.

I feel your weaknesses in order to exploit them

I rule your life for My own needs. My cursus in psychology and Art explains the very cerebral and aesthetic way of all My projects.

My favorite themes

Gynarchy, mindfuck, humiliation and sissy training. Themes can change according to every servant. It depends on My own feelings. Every session is Unique, unforgettable. A true explosion of sensations. It will be your best dream or your worst nightmare…

I am sometimes sadistic

My cruelty has many degrees. Depends on My temper, and how I feel, how I am inspired with your pathetic person. But it is not a rule, and if you have no attirance for this aspect, I will remain respectful of your limits, even if you will have to try to push them for Me.

I am mysterious, enigmatic, classy, merciless, I will have pleasure to destroy your mind and subjugate you with My wonders. I have made some of them in english, but I prefer to use my native langage. So My Divine Thought is not betrayed.

You’re already under My control, surrender now to a true French Goddess.

Virtual sessions with The French Goddess

My Reputation speaks for Me

For sessions, beginners and experienced servants are both welcomed. I like to speak in english. You will be charmed by My delicious French Goddess accent. I am also skilled at writing if you have the joy to read My Words.

I have the ability to give a Unique and Unforgettable touch to each session. As soon as it’s finished you will immediately want to book the next one with Me.

Your privacy covered and protected

I accept if you don’t show your face for privacy reasons, but I prefer to see it in order to observe your reactions, judge your non-verbal feelings. It is very important for Me. So I can dive you deeper and deeper in My Universe.

Be certain that all our exchanges will remain strictly confidential. I sometimes broadcast content where My servants and slaves are present. Always with their permission. I never record or broadcast your image without your permission.

Non-exhaustive list of My practices

Here are the themes I like to practice during sessions. My favorite ones are written in bolded type.


Gynarchyadorationsissy training – slave trainingchastity – dog training – foot worshipfetichism humiliation from soft to hardverbal abuse – deshumanization – degradation – mindfuck and brainwashhypnosismesmerizemind controlregular monitoringcoaching – blackmail – SPH – humiliating JOI – CEI – ABDL – anal work – physical tortures –  psychologic domination – ignore cam – gay and bi forced – lesbian worship – findomroleplay – raceplay –  humiliating girlfriend experience  – crushing – and  still so much more practices

The Artwork of The French Goddess

I have created some Artwork in english, but I prefer to use my native langage. So My Divine Thought is not betrayed. You will have the pleasure to find them among the Wonders I consent to publish online.

In my bountiful goodness I accept your begging requests for creating custom content like video clips, audio recordings, or creating a custom photo set. About audio and video clips I can create it in english or in french subtitled in english.

Your dreams may comes true

Before buying a custom Artwork, be sure to know and respect My conditions even before submitting your request.

In order to save My precious time. I decide alone to accept or not your request. If it does not match with My Precepts, or if I just don’t like it, it will be automatically rejected. Otherwise, you will be allowed to proceed to payment for the corresponding request.

Every accurate custom request (mention your name or personal events), exclusive content, wish for specific accessories or specific wear will be subjected to a possible increasing of the price of your Artwork.

You will be mesmerized by My charisma

My aura will completely subjugate you. With My professional-quality material You will dive into My Universe and you will have the privilege to enjoy a complete immersive experience.

No need to send me a detailed scenario. A simple guideline is enough. My imagination will create the path. I have this ability to bring you into an explosion of incredible sensations. You will love the POV format I use (3rd person view mainly except if you ask a specific point of view).

I enjoy a large panel of themes

And more specifically sissy training, all forms of cerebral and mind domination, mindfuck, conditioning, humiliation, findom and of course Gynarchy.

I like and need coherence in scenario and your request. I need to identify Myself as best as possible in order to create a quality video clip. Coherence in your request grants you a very immersive clip where I will be able to feel your reactions in front of your screen. Connexion with My worshipper, makes him feel a particular emotion just because I have decided to do so is a great pleasure for Me.

I can be very cruel in my words

I can force you to endure the worst insults, but I refuse to move like in all that porn stuff you are used to watch. Encouraging this scheme would prevent The True Gynarchy to progress. I will never «wet» for your money. My full psychologic enjoyment lies in the strong influence and grip that I have over you.

Jerk-off instructions is boring for Me. Except if it’s a way of humiliating you. Otherwise I have not interest for your pitiful sex between your legs.

My rules

I accept some request for specific clothing or accessories if I like it. You will have to pay the full price of it except if it is available in My wardrobe.

I refuse nudity. I will never roleplay as a submissive woman, watersports (except under very specific conditions, the terms must be defined and accepted first), or scat practices. And all illegal themes.

My prices can be adjusted considering your request, complexity level of your scenario, technical complexity, or clothing or accessories required. Never discuss My prices.

calendrier de servitudes an 34

Serve The French Goddess for real

You are completely obsessed by Me

You are spending your time enjoying My Art, you are totally fascinated by My aura. So natural. How a loser like you could resist to My control ?

You claim to be ready to everything for My satisfaction. You yell your desire to become My slave. You agitate your money hoping to convince Me. You are completely wrong. Forget all your ideas about domination and submit to My Domination.

First I have fixed the rules of contact. Just follow them. I am a very experienced Dominatrix, The French Goddess. What I establish can’t be discussed.

Your total devotion at My disposal

Show Me your motivation for worshipping Me each day of your miserable life. Be noticed by covering Me with tributes. Buy all My artwork. Book sessions on a regular basis. Point out all your abilities that could be useful for Me. Follow My Twitter for My English worshippers.

Prove Me that you are ready to push off your limits for satisfying Me. Show Me your desire to humiliate yourself for entertaining Me. This way only, maybe one day I will summon you at My feet and you will become one of My personal slaves.

Only the best will serve Me

This process grants Me to have the excellent ones for serving Me. The best ones. The most motivated ones. Weak ones can fly away to mediocrity offered by others. Cowards can whistle those fake dominatrixes here only for serving men’s fantasies.

Exceptional can’t be afforded, a real convocation is never a priced session. It occurs only according to My temper and My conditions. I decide. I command, you obey, you are at My service, don’t switch roles.

How long does it take, you dare to ask Me ? It depends on what you inspire to Me. Weeks, months, years, or maybe never. Anyway it would be regretful to miss The Chance. It could occurs only one time in your pathetic life !

Your abilities for My use

I don’t care for your physical attributes, your age, or the size of your poor sex. I am a real lesbian. You will never be my sexual slave.

Only your abilities can be useful :

Verbal aptitudes, and bring Me some distraction and discussion.

Your careful application when you make household chores like cleaning or ironing.

Your quick-reaction if I command you to do shopping.

Your careful way for cleaning My precious shoes, and your limitless devotion when you worship and massage My feet.

Your serious job as My dedicated driver.

Your devoted protection as My bodyguard during My parties or clubbing nights.

You could be very useful for Me if you are an excellent vegetarian cooker, a photograph / movie maker very skilled, an efficient accountant, or a legal expert.

Of course, what you earn will be considered. But it will not make everything. The richest useless incompetent loser will be only used then thrown away like an old forgotten toy.

Your fantaisies swept away

I don’t care about all what you have experienced and practiced, you will do whatever I command without any hesitation. Your limits you will push off for My enjoyment. You will have to submit to and endure all practice of My choice. You will be feminized if I require it. You will be ready to endure My sadistic impulses if I need to vent on someone.

I don’t care about your fantasies around nylon or high-boots. You will be able to adore Me in all circumstances. Whatever I wear pajamas or leather corset. A true Goddess does not need any trick.

You will be able to go with Me in fetish or BDSM-oriented parties. Or wherever I want to go. Always you will adress Me as « Vous » or by My Title « Goddess Jeanne » you will look at the floor or My Divine feet as soon as I look at you. You are not worthy to look at Me in the eyes.

Your mind sealed by Me

You will never be jealous form My other slaves. You will feel happy because each one brings Me something I want considering the aptitudes. You have understood that you are all additional factors at My service. You will always be in a kind attitude for them. But you will not hesitate to tell Me each event or behaviour that could lead to a fault. Only My satisfaction is important, your ego has no existence at My feet.

You will be permanently careful, ready to anticipate My desires even before My commands. My tastes will be your Holy Bible. So you will be able to surprise Me at every instant. Goddess Jeanne organizes a party with Her friends ? She certainly wants to receive a bottle of Her favorite Ruinart rosé Champagne. I buy it then I ask Her if I can leave it in front of Her door without disturbing Her.

Your honesty will be total. You must not have any secret for Me. It implies to beg Me for managing your monthly budget. I must always know what you can give to Me. I am fair. I love to know that you  consent sacrifices for Me but I will let you enough money for your bills and your food.

You will not commit faults in order to be punished. The worst punishment for you is My insatisfaction. You will learn from your mistakes, and you will do all your best for not commit them again.

Your exclusive and complete devotion to The French Goddess

Your loyalty and your duty of allegiance will be absolute. It would be a nonsense for you to conciliate a vanilla life with o/Our D/s relationship. Don’t even think to share yourself with another dominatrixes. My toys are exclusively Mine. You could not satisfy Me completely if you would have to lie to your wife or fly from a Domme to another one. Community whores have obviously no hope to be at My feet.

You will submit to all My desires. You will push yourself beyond your limits for Me. You will permanently questing for My satisfaction forgetting your needs and fantasies.

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